"However difficult life may seem, there is always something you can do and succeed at. Work gives you meaning and purpose and life is empty without it."

Stephen Hawking

Long Story

At first I hated programming, during my study I got html/css and PHP, but only for 2 hours a week, one semester. Besides that I had tons of other work to do for different courses. So not really a lot of time to take a seat and patiently absorb the information, or get excited. It became something that had to be done to continue my study. That and a teacher,who was knowledgeable, but not very good at teaching and you have a bad first experience learning to code.

In my third year I had to sadly stop my education due to personal circumstances (which I can tell you more about personally), not because of my grades. Although this happened, I now see that education isn't everything. It's motivation. When I sat at home, I still wanted to do something whth the small amount of energy I had. So strangely enough, I picked up the html and css book. After refreshing my memory, I wanted to dive in deeper. I fiddled around with WordPress,which made me want to learn PHP because I wanted to understand how to build such a thing in PHP myself.

I ran across a platform Coursera, which offers free and paid courses thought by professors from universities from all over the world. I started the course Python for Everybody. Not because I had any idea what it was, or wanted to learn Python specifically, but to learn the basic concepts of programming. Charles Severance from Michigan university was the teacher and he was both fun and really good at explaining the core concepts. If this was the way I was taught at my university, I would have been at least more interested. After this course I started searching for books, I ran across Head First JavaScript,since I knew HTML and CSS this was a logical step. The Head First series is awesome, it has a great way of learning programming in a normal way rather than all the hardcore technical books out there which drain your motivation to the size of an atom. After the JavaScript book I started PHP, I had a brief intro during study,and WordPress made me wanted to understand what was under the hood. And that is until now the language of my preference and my main language to learn. I'm not much of a designer or front-ender, but I have the skills to do the needed things. The back-end gained my most interest.

I follow courses on Udemy,as well as some youtube channels. It is amazing that you can now pick your own teachers, and a method that works for you.

My goal for now is to become a full stack web-developer with a focus on the back-end. I don't think the job of a full stack developer is to know it all out of the back of your head, but to understand it all, to be able to use different tools where needed.

Today you need to use multiple languages for the smallest sites. And to become a multiversed programmer, you have a lot of caching up to do, I was born to late to gradually grow into all the languages and to early to colonize another planet ;-). Of course there are a lot of frameworks which makes things easier, but then you skip the core understanding of the language. So I've been holding back for all these helper for a while to really get the core understanding right so I know whats going on under the hood when I'm going to pick up a framework.

Short story

For the past 2,5 years I have taught myself how to code with several Udemy courses (Certificates), books and many hours of Youtube channels like the one from Alex Garret(PhpAcademy/CodeCourse). I want to become a full stack web-developer and am always eager to learn more. My focus is on the back-end (PHP) but when needed I can come around with JavaScript. I understand and know how to use OOP principals. If you want to read more about my path to become a coder, read the long story ;-). Checkout what I have learned on my Skills page.

Personal Interests

  1. Programming (Duh)
  2. Reading about science, space, astronomy
  3. Yoga
  4. Skateboarding, picked it up recently again after 12 years
  5. I used to DJ in my room a lot and sometimes try to produce music, hence try;-). But still I like to do it sometimes