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Kinderboerderij Nieuw Rotsoord

Creating a new website with WordPress (Delivered January 2017).



Dutch Einsteins

Extended the existing website with a job appliance functionality. Including Admin panel to manage vacancies and users that runs next to the existing WordPress website back-end.(Delivered April 2015)

Jorn's profile now says 'student', but I have seen that he is a 'master' in Digital Communications. He has done amazing work with my website and I would recommend him to anyone who wants to see the words 'great service' come true for their site.

Lexter N. Woodley
Dutch Einsteins


I have a large project in PHP which accompasses a lot of what I learned. Also I'm developing a Laravel CMS package also for the sake of learning. It's a personal CMS and it's ever growing. Since I'm a one man army and it's for learning at the moment you should not use it. It's more of a reference of what I can do. Check it out on GitHub.

Check out my work on .