It's hard to rate where you at regarding skill, there is always more to learn, so reaching a 100% skill rate is nearly impossible I think. Still thinking about your own skill level and trying to rate yourself is good for your own meta perspective.

My current learning focus is on PHP. In PHP I understand and can use OOP principles. I understand the MVC pattern and how it's used in modern frameworks. I have applied this in my ever growing CMS project. Laravel is my next target in my path to learn more about PHP and to be able to add a framework to my skill-set. Also I want to learn more about proper error handling with exceptions and php testing. MySql I can apply at an average level, but for complex join queries etc I have to read some info on it.

My JavaScript skills are good enough to understand and write scripts that compliment my PHP,but yes I have to look up some things regularly, since my focus is on PHP and the back-end. My goal is not become an expert in JS but to know enough to compliment my PHP and to use it where needed. Like in the form of AJAX, and some basis front-end necessities. But I do seem to enjoy front-end coding more and more.

HTML & CSS are add a novice level. Although I'm not much of a designer you will need it of course. Animating things in css is an example of something I have to look up, but styling a page etc is no problem. I know how to use bootstrap which is nice if your focus is not on the front-end.

WordPress is something I know how to use, editing templates, restyling, add some functionality. But I never took the time to build a template from scratch. I wanted to learn PHP so I could understand WordPress better and ending up not building templates at all because learning the 'real' thing was more interesting then modifying WordPress functionality. Still this is something that I want and need to be more skilled in since so many small business websites run on it.

I use git at a personal level but using it with multiple people is a different thing. I have left Python behind for now, I tried Node.js but it wasn't really my thing. Then I found a Udemy course on Go (golang),which I learn as an extra. It's relatively new and I think has then potential to become real big in the near future. This course also strengthened my Terminal skills. Although I have not coded in Go for a year now I should be able to get into it again after refreshing my memory.



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